GenJo, The fried rice king


Genario Anthony Thomas Johnson is an American recording artist, poet, and writer. He was born on March 27th, 1994 in Chesapeake, VA to his mother Wanda, and his late father Genard. He first began writing raps around the age of 7, mostly for his father and his group of friends.After graduating high school in Georgia, GenJo participated in poetry slam competitions at Brave New Voices for the Fountain City Poetry Slam team in Columbus, GA between 2012-2015. During this process, he regained a strong desire to write again. Instead of going to college, GenJo moved back home to VA. There he recorded his first official single, "Ze Language" with producer D.T.P from Wrekshop Ent. GenJo, TFRK would move yet again back to Georgia to be with his father. While back in GA, he reunited with Quintin Tyevon (formally known as Quintin Tarintinto), a music artist whom he met in high school. They recorded their first song together "Enough" on Quintin Tarintinto's debut mixtape "Biggest Underdog Yet." At this time, GenJo began finding his sound and his voice, weaving together introspective lyrics with a variety of flows. Genjo decided to partner and join the label UnderClassXlX. GenJo, TFRK has released music only on SoundCloud thus far, from his initial single "Ze Language" to his debut project "God is Human" and most recently a short mixtape titled "What Is A Shinobi". Genjo is currently working to cultivate his latest project "LIT" set to release on all streaming platforms soon.